“Wow, honey! This will surely look sharp on Monday, I needed a new one; you’re the best.” You slip on another new tie this year, with a wonderful new pattern. You’re so grateful you have people that care about you in your life, and being a father is a gift all in it’s own! However, you put away the tie, coffee mugs, and specially made, hand crafted bundles of love from the kiddos and think about the gifts you might give yourself. Of course, this isn’t selfish, you know how hard you work each day (and your family does too!) Why not reward yourself with something new or needed?

We want to share with you some ideas of gifts you can “trade in that tie” for! (Of course, not literally) After all, you deserve to treat yourself on this day for everything you do!

Love grilling?

1) Cuisinart 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set – CGS-5014

This grill set includes chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, 4 pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush, and extra brush head. Great if you spend time by the grill cooking for friends and family!

2) FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set

Not only do they have great organic spices, but FreshJax uses recycled packaging to reduce their carbon footprint, are based locally out of Jacksonville, FL, and aid in the fight to end childhood hunger! What a great business, with a huge variety of tasty spices!

3) Caliber Thermashell Pro Charcoal Grill

Turn your backyard into a dream kitchen with an outdoor innovation: this kamado-style grill is an ultra-efficient grill, rotisserie, smoker and oven, all in one! We can help you transform your outdoor area into a cooking paradise! Click the link above to check out our Outdoor Kitchen website!

Interested in what type of grill you’ll love cooking on? Check out this father’s day blog to give you more info about charcoal, gas and hybrid grills!

On a budget? Gifts under $20!

4) Harry’s Truman Set: $15

Harry’s shaving kit has great products at fair prices. A company made for men by men that’s dedicated to give you honest pricing, great product, and gives back to the community every year. And the ladies in your life will love a nice clean shaved or groomed face!

5) nonda App Enabled Quick Charger $14

Not only does the nonda Quick Charger have two blazing fast USB ports to charge your phone in the car; it also has a tracking device in it so you can find your vehicle in a busy parking lot. Just open up the app and follow it to your car, and it has other great features like a car battery monitor, a parking meter alarm, and a mileage tracker.

6) SOG Multitool Belt Buckle

These small tool belt buckles are cool gadgets for men with compact multitool pliers, a survival multitool knife and more! Give yourself a nifty look by attaching it as a belt buckle, and take it on the go!

We hope you spend a great Father’s Day with your family this year! With our worldly circumstances, we understand that it is important to cherish time we have with our loved ones. The meaningful gifts you receive from your spouse, and kids are ones you will keep forever, even so, make sure you treat yourself to something useful for you!