When you think of the perfect Father’s Day gift, what do you think of? It probably depends on who the father figure is in your life. Some are outdoorsy, love to cook, want to spend more time with their family, or may just need a place to get away.

There are so many gift ideas, but here we have a thoughtful plan for the man who loves both being outside and cooking, and would like to cook, while being outside! He is going to LOVE what we’ve got in store!

For the cook in the family:

What father doesn’t love firing up the grill, whipping out some burgers or a thick steak, seasoning it right for your taste, and enjoying a meal with family and friends! Whether he’s good at it or not he’s going to need to master his skills. Every father should get the chance to burn the hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids on his special day!

There are a few types of grills:

A grill is a grill, right? I used to think that too, however, although each kind can be used for so many different meals, there are techniques, smells and flavors uniquely made from each grill!

Charcoal grill:

  • To the dad who loves smoked rib, slow cooked brisket, or pulled pork, go with the charcoal grill! These can be utilized at a much higher heat than gas, which can help sear, crisp, or char the outside of the protein, and I’m not sure about you, but I love a good crunch!
  • They also produce much more smoke than gas or propane, adding more flavor in meats that you want to smoke or blacken. This sensational flavor is a result of the gases from the charcoal, and the smoke from wood, slowly absorbing all the rich flavors!
  • Although these very manly, fire enveloping, smoke producing machines are great for adding an extra-zing to the flavor, they do require a bit more maintenance. They tend to be a little harder to light and heat up, dirty to handle with the ash to clean after, it’s more difficult to gage the temperature, and may take some time to master. However, once he does his research, and with a little practice, your father can master this craft, if he hasn’t already!

Propane or Gas Grill:

  • The gas grill offers speed to the table and allows culinary expertise! You should expect a lighter finish, juicier meat, and shorter cooking time. This would be a great addition for the man who works all day, gets home late, wants to cook a quick meal for the family in about an hour or two, with much quicker clean up after! Gas grills are much easier to control temperature, and quickly adjust as you need. Low to mid-price gas grills typically heat up to about 600°F, while high end more expensive grills with sear burners and double layered hoods can get up to 900°F.

Hybrid Grill:

  • Did you know there are grills that can provide the same smoky flavor with the convenience of gas?
  • The Alfresco grill has an integrated smoker box with a dedicated burner below it where woodchips and herbs can easily be incorporated into the grilling process!
  • Other grills can also use the box, such as the Coyote accessory pictured above!

We suggest you look for grills with a 304 Stainless Steel finish, 18 gauge. These generally have a lifetime warranty, and last great in the Florida humidity!

For the Backyard Dad:

Now, every father who loves to cook on his grill should be able to enjoy the experience outdoors! Imagine a space that’s right in his backyard, room for friends and family to get together, celebrate each other, or light up the fire pit at dusk! With our world’s circumstances now, bringing family together is more important than ever.

An incredible way to do that for the father in your life is to create the outdoor refuge he’s been dreaming of!

  • For the father who cannot stop talking about the outdoors, bringing himself, friends, and family out back, fishes by the canal, or likes throwing the ball out back, we’ve got the perfect gift!
  • Finished outdoor areas or patios are now becoming more common, as having an indoor cooking experience combined with your outdoor oasis feels like being in paradise right in the comfort of your own backyard, any day of the week!
  • Bring together your dream amenities: grill, custom countertops, sink, mini-fridge for beverages, some comfy patio furniture under your lanai, whatever you want really, and you get our custom designed outdoor kitchens, based on the space you have!

Expand Your Living Space!

Not only is it going to bring more space to entertain, adding an outdoor kitchen to your home will dramatically increase the value of it! According to Zillow, homes with outdoor kitchens and amenities sell for over 30% more than expected!

  • All generations are sure to love an outdoor living space, whether it’s for grilling, outdoor games, sports events, or all the above.
  • Cooking is more convenient, cleaning is much easier.
  • Cut costs of eating out or decrease your AC bill from less cooking with heat inside your cool home!

There are clearly so many great reasons to making this great addition for the father in your life, not only to bring functionality and entertainment to the home, but also for a peaceful, quiet place to turn to after a long day. Whatever the reason is, adding an outdoor kitchen will surely bring a smile on Dad’s face, as well as bringing your loved ones together, safe and sound, during these hard times our country is facing now. From American Kitchen and Bath, we hope you are staying happy and healthy, and can’t wait to help bring your dreams to life!

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