An engineered stone panel system that makes it possible to bring high-end outdoor living features and resort style environments to absolutely any backyard. Weather resistant, high performing proprietary engineered stone panel system allows us to create all of our outdoor kitchens, water features and fire features over any existing pool deck, patio or hard surface.

AKB believes everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Our engineered stone panel system makes it possible for any homeowner to transform their backyards into an outdoor living space. Take advantage of your backyard and go al fresco! In as little as a few days we can completely transform your backyard. Adding an outdoor living space not only increases the overall appearance and entertainment of the home, but it also adds extreme value to your home. Whether it is a an outdoor kitchen addition, a soothing patio water feature, a simple shade structure or an elaborate pool grotto water feature, we can do it! Contact us today and start designing your new outdoor living space.

With our panel masonry technology, we are changing the way outdoor kitchens are built. Our engineered stone panels make it possible for our customers to have the outdoor kitchens of their dreams with any built-in appliance and cooking features they want in just a few days or less. You can choose the design, colors, and stone profile of your outdoor kitchen to fit the rest of your landscape and your home perfectly. Our engineered stone panels don’t require any heavy duty footing either, so you can place your outdoor kitchen on any hard surface. And, never have to deal with the burden of replacing or repairing your outdoor kitchen-BBQ island or countertop because our engineered stone material is resistant to weathering, high heat, deep-freezing, abrasion, chipping, and scratching while also being freeze-thaw stable. Contact AKB today to begin planning your ultimate outdoor kitchen and we will give you a free quote! We guarantee you will have an outdoor kitchen that meets all of your desires and stays within your budget.

Outdoor fire features are becoming more and more popular for many reasons. These beautiful focal pieces make for the perfect gathering and conversation spot during any season. They also provide an excellent heat source during those cooler nights making it the ideal hangout spot. But the process of selecting materials and finding a contractor who specializes in outdoor fire features can be challenging. Our fire features are high heat tolerant, built to handle the harsh outdoor elements, are made of a zero flame spread material, and can be fully customized from the color to the design and stone profile. Contact AKB today to design your unique custom fire pit or to hear about the industry-first Blazing Beats fire pit that we also offer.

Water features are designed to enrich the natural beauty of your backyard while adding vitality and tranquility. ClifRock is the largest residential water features builder in the North America. We are able to construct backyard oases for all of our customers with our engineered stone material and boulder panel system. We offer a variety of landscape water features such as: patio water features, pondless water features, backyard waterfalls, koi ponds, and garden water features. Design the perfect conversation and relaxation space with your own landscape water feature or a picturesque backyard waterfall. Speak with our professional installers today for a free quote and assistance with designing your backyard getaway!

Many pool owners are looking for ways to increase the entertainment value and beautify the aesthetics around their pool. Rock and boulder features add the most value but using natural materials is very limiting, especially in renovations and retrofitting onto an existing pool deck. ClifRock’s boulder panel system makes it simple, easy and affordable to add pool water features such as: waterfalls, grottos, and waterslides. Because we are known for our artistic masterpieces, reputable reputation, and superior quality, homeowners are turning to AKB to complete their pool water feature projects.

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